Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inspiration: Thomas Merton

From time to time, I'll be moving my "inspirations" to this main space, in order to make room for other stuff in the sidebar. Here's the first...

As I've already noted, the name for this project—A Common Table—was inspired by a quote by Thomas Merton, which Michael Pollan cited in a talk at UC Berkeley in the fall of 2009. Merton wrote:
From the moment you put a piece of bread in your mouth, you are part of the world. Who grew the wheat? Who made the bread? Where did it come from? You are in a relationship with all who brought it to the table. We are least separate and most in common when we eat and drink. [image source]

Like you, I sometimes come across words or other works of art that inspire me, that make me think or smile—or cry... things I want to remember but too often don't. So I had the idea to create another blog where I could gather and ponder such tidbits. I call it "Musings & Collectanea" (yeah, I know... :)  If you're interested, please feel free to take a peek.

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